My name is Peter Smith. I’m the senior video editor for a small production company, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Before that I was a freelance filmmaker, directing corporate videos, some music videos, and a couple of EPKs for various music acts, including a music documentary for the band Mogwai, which was released with their album, Mr Beast. You can see some of these works on this site, under the ‘films’ category.

In summer 2011 I became interested in 3D, and started to teach myself the basics. I thought it might be something I could add to my skillset as an editor. Increasingly, though, I found I was becoming more and more interested in animation, and in particular character animation.

Since I’m teaching myself in my spare time I thought I’d start a blog to keep track of my development. Like many people, I find when I write things down I remember them better. And I thought it would be fun to publicly chart my progress, so that I might look back years from now and see my first attempts at a bouncing ball, squash and stretch, etc.

So basically that’s what this blog is about: it’s a place where I can share my progress in learning animation, and hopefully one day it’ll serve as an online showreel of what I can do.

I’ll also occasionally post stuff about films I’ve seen or comics I’ve read. Basically anything I feel like talking about, if it’s at least loosely related to animation.

For those of you who don’t know, the blog’s title comes from a quotation by Scottish-born animator Norman McLaren, who said animation is “not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn”.



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