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figure drawing

I read somewhere that as an animator it’s good to have a strong sense of what makes a good pose. So a couple of weeks ago I started drawing simple stick figures in what you might call ‘action poses’.





I’ve always been reasonably good at drawing generally, but it’s something I’ve hardly done at all in the last 20 years, so I was quite surprised to find that I sort of had a knack for doing this. Mind you, for each of these drawings posted here there are ten or twenty others that range from not-quite-as-good to downright crap.



I do them entirely in pen in an A6 sketch pad. I find I can’t draw in pencil at all any more, I need to make a definite black mark on the page. I also draw quite small – the largest of these drawings could fit on a credit card-sized piece of paper – although last night I started drawing slightly bigger into an A5 pad and noticed a definite improvement. It’ll cost me more money though.



I try to draw a little every day, so I’ll post more as the inclination takes me.



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