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Not done any animation since the last post. I did download the Blender Animation Toolkit though, which looks great. The rig is astounding, allowing you to create and fully animate pretty much any kind of bipedal character. But aside from watching about half the videos I’ve done nothing else with it. I’m still getting up to speed with 3ds Max for my Train2Game course, which is pretty much all I’ve done for the last month or so.

I guess this blog will no longer be strictly about animation, despite its name. I’ll be doing little other than modelling and texturing for the next couple of years as part of my course. Animation is still my main interest, but it looks like most entry-level jobs in games require you to be a bit of an all-rounder, probably with more of a focus on modelling than anything else. T2G do teach animation, but a quick perusal of the course outline shows it’s not even introduced until the third year, near the end. Until then it’s all modelling, texturing and a bit of sculpting.

I’m already familiar with topology concepts, so even though modelling was never my forte I’m hoping I’ll be able to spare some time every week or so to work on animation, ahead of the official course lessons. That’s probably still some way off though.

On the plus side, I’m absolutely loving the course; it’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made. Highly recommended.



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