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Another walk cycle

Since the last post I’ve been busy working on another walk cycle (in between trying to learn Unity3D and teaching myself Python and C++). It’s still at the initial blocking phase, but I thought I’d share it as it is. I took fairly detailed notes in preparation for doing this version, and my intention was to do it entirely myself, with no reference to tutorial materials, only my own notes (which included drawings).

This is the front view in stepped keyframe mode. I reckon it looks not bad – it’s quite obviously masculine (which I intended), and although it might be a bit exaggerated I think it’s okay.

Here’s the same thing from the side:

It’s not quite as clear what’s going on here because I’ve not animated him walking on the spot and the cycle is too short. And although it’s in stepped mode (and therefore some detail is missing) I think it looks okay. Certainly, I wasn’t unhappy with it at this stage.

So I switched to bezier keyframe mode:

Again, I was kind of pleased when I saw this. There are problems with the hands passing through the legs, and the masculinity is really exaggerated, but all the same it works and doesn’t look too problematic to my amateur eyes.

Here’s the same thing from the side:

And it’s terrible.

I can’t begin to describe the disappointment I felt when I saw this. I’d been quite pleased till this point…

Here it is in slow motion so you can see just how bad it is:

Oh dear.

Mind you, I still feel as though I’m learning. I’m disappointed that my first solo effort is so bad at the blocking stage, but when I look at it I can see what’s wrong with it, and feel capable of fixing it. That’s an improvement, if nothing else.



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